Emotional Features

Emotional Features:  Emotional features delivers everything from greeting cards, sweets, cakes, Flowers or dry fruits on your behalf to any part of the country. All you need to do is provide information of the people you want to greet by indicating the special occasion and you can be rest assured that your consignment will reach your loved ones On-Time.

Now you don’t need to remember. Here are some important days or events in a year which are mostly prefer in the emotional features.

  • Birthday 
  • Father’s Day
  • Diwali  
  • Promotion
  • Valentine’s day
  • Friendship Day
  • Christmas  
  • Rakhi  
  • Mother’s Day
  • Teacher’s Day
  • New year
  • Wedding Day
  • Anniversary

And many more occasion…..

You want to greet  your belongings we have also some special felicitation  which is one of the most plus point of our service and many more occasion you want to greet  your belongings .


Felicitation  Preference

1. Standard Felicitation       Rs. 300       ( Flowers with Greeting Card)

2. Executive Felicitation       Rs. 400       (A flat bouquet with Greeting Card)

3. Classic Felicitation           Rs. 500       (Small basket of flowers with Greeting)

4. Silver Felicitation               Rs. 600        (Flowers, greeting and Chocolates)

5. Golden Felicitation           Rs.700        (Greeting, Soft Teddy, sweets & Flowers)

6. Chocolate Felicitation      Rs.800        ( 16 Chocolate, Soft Teddy & Greeting)

7. Teddy Bear Felicitation    Rs.900       ( Soft Teddy, Flowers and Greeting )

8. Cream Cake Felicitation  Rs.1000     (1 kg Cake of 5 flavour, flowers & Card )

9. Super Felicitation              Rs.1100   ( ½ kg Cake ,Card, Teddy & Chocolate)

10. Maharaja Felicitation     Rs.1200   ( 1 kg Cake ,choc ,Teddy, Card & flowers)

11. Dry Fruit Felicitation       Rs.1300   (Almonds, Cashewnuts,Pista, Raisin & card)

12. Rajwadi Felicitation       Rs.1400 ( 1 kg kaju/Badam katri, flowers & Greeting)

13. PCS PLUS Felicitation   Rs.1500 ( Soft Teddy, Chocolate, Flowers, Cake,
Greeting Card, Mottichur laddu and a special Perfume (Ladies OR Gents )  




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